Tonight we had a new yogi and dogi join us for class (Yogi: Elizabeth, and dogi: Malcom). I always have so much fun teaching this class each week. The dogis always put a smile on my face with their funny antics or just flat out adoreable cute-ness too. I absolutely love to see a dog zonked out sleeping because they are so relaxed! Please enjoy these photos of my clients from tonights class:

Coral and Zoey

Sarah and Lexi

Kristine and Quincey

Elizabeth and Malcom

Hello Yogis and Dogis!

I am so sorry for the long break. I have been very busy between work, dog sitting, studying, testing and teaching classes :]

The last I posted it was the night before Dog Days of Summer. That night I was going over my Doga demo I put together to make sure it flowed evenly, and I also made coupons to hand out to everyone I saw at Dog Days to help promote Doga!

The day of Dog Days of Summer I was very excited to see how my Doga demonstration was going to go. Of course I hoped for the best. I was the first to demo and I was a little nervous. I was nervous thinking that nobody would watch. But to my surprise I had a crowd. About 6 yogis volunteered to participate in my demo with Dogis of all ages and sizes. There was no headset for the microphone the Whatcom Humane Society volunteers wanted me to use, so I just made sure to speak up loud, which was no big deal :3

As I lead the Doga demo, Apple and I were being Recorded by Petwatch, which is a weekly television show that features animals for adoption through the WHS.  Despite being recorded for the first time Apple did very well with the large crowd and camera so close to her. We had such a great day.

After Dog days of Summer occurred I went right into study mode as I had to prepare myself to take my CPDT-KA Test. I had arranged myseld to read four books by September 18th to ensure I had given myself the best chance to pass the test.

Only a few days after Dog Days passed several things happened. First thing was a photo of me and Apple were put in print in the Bellingham Herald from our demo at Dog Days of Summer. Then my interview I had with the Bellingham Business Journal was actually printed in paper, My photo from that was used as a pre-view on the front page corner and then I had a WHOLE page article too! Then a few days after that I was called by a good friend and asked if I could watch their dog for a few months, So I took in the beagle named Lucky and will continue to have him for a while longer.

After taking in Lucky, studying became a little more difficult because he is still young and very energetic! by September 10th I was dog sitting another dog for almost two weeks. I don’t know how, but I was able to watch 5 dogs and read 4 books!

September 19th I took my CPDT-KA  (Certified Pet Dog Trainers- Knowledge Assessed) Test in Burlington. It took me about 3.5 hours to complete the test and to double check it! Unfortunately I will not know the results of my test till up to 6 weeks :[ It is so stressful waiting… I was so stressed after taking my test I went home to the 5 dogs (the same night I took the CPDT-KA test) and retook the practice test to get immeadiate results so I could calm myself down. I just wanted reassurance that I knew something!

So today is September 27th, It’s only been a day over a week since I completed my test. My friend got her results within 3 weeks! I hope to find out GOOD news. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Since September 11th I have had Doga classes on a regular occurrance at Tails-A-Wagging from 3-4pm. Each time I teach doga it just gets better and better. I am so happy to offer such a heart opening practice to everyone. Oh and the most recent Petwatch episode featuring Dog Days of Summer was on Comcast on demand, and I’m on it teaching Doga! They actually used what they filmed of Apple and I demonstrating and put it on tv! How great is that?

Take Care Yogis and Dogis!


Photo taken by the Bellingham Herald

Lucky the Beagle

Coupons I made for Dog Days of Summer

Today I noticed that the article about my Doga classes came up on the Bellingham Business Journal website!!

A lot of my friends have been very supportive, and I am so happy to see all of the positive feedback too!

I will definitely be clipping out and saving the article when it comes out in print sometime in september!!! I am so excited.

Thank you so much friends!

Today I had my photoshoot with Mark from the Bellingham Business Journal at Boulevard park. It was pretty interesting. Apple got nervous at first with the waves from the water and cameras in her face, but she warmed up to it all quickly. I had invited a woman named Heidi who is so wonderful to help me with my business cards, to get a feel for what doga is and she took a couple pictures as well. I noticed a couple people watch as they walked by, I’m sure Apple and I looked very interesting to those who didn’t understand what we were doing, let alone who we were. What makes us so special to have two photographers around? haha.

Later this evening we went to our friends house and had a doga session with Heidi & Gem, Becca & Boo, and Carson & Cocoa. One of their kitties in particular seemed very interested in Apple and wanted to play. He is very dog like actually. A dog in a cats body perhaps? We all had a lot of fun, and had good laughs together :3 Can’t wait to get together to do doga again with them soon!

Ni night all!

Hello everybody! Apple and I are very excited to be starting this blog! We plan to share our endeavors of Doga and all other fun things in our lifes together here on our blog with you all. Tomorrow we meet and greet with our friends and do Doga together. It will be lots of fun, we’re both really looking forward to it.

So I waited for a little over a week to recieve these business cards. I was nervous that they would turn out blurry or really hard to read but to my delight they turned out perfect! I was advised by some friends that they felt the the font would be to hard to read bu it looks pretty good to me. I only purchased a small amount so as I continue to hand these out and recieve feedback on their appearance and read-a-bility I may end up changing the font. But for the meantime I really like them!! Enjoy!

The front

The back

I am so pleased to share that I passed my Certified Pet Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed test! so I am now officially Chelsea Johnson CPDT-KA! I am so excited!! This means so much to me, I can’t believe how happy I am!!

Having my CPDT is going to open so many doors of opportunity for me. This is so great!! I want to thank all of my friends, family, and clients who supported me with this!

Hello all yogis and dogis!

I had my introductory doga class on August 21st. I had 8 yogis and 8 dogis in class :] I was very thrilled to see all of the dogis calm down and relax so quickly.  Everyone was so happy and the yogis did great in their poses.

Tomorrow is another very exciting opportunity for Zen Dog Doga because I will be at the Dog Days of Summer event at lake padden. I will have a doga demo at 11:15 am till 11:45 am. I brought spare yoga mats for others to join me :] As a gift to everyone I see I will be handing out coupons for a free doga class! I can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow!!